Pacific Grove Water Recycling Facility
Pacific Grove, Calif.
Award of Merit

Owner: City of Pacific Grove
Lead Design Firm: PERC Water Corp.
General Contractor: Overaa Construction
Civil Engineer: Pacific Advanced Civil Engineer Inc. (PACE)
Structural Engineer: PK Associates LLC
Electrical Subcontractor: Wulff Electric

Located on the tip of Monterey Peninsula, Pacific Grove Water Recycling Facility delivers 125 acre-ft per year of recycled water for irrigation while storing 650,000 gallons of recycled water on site.

The project team chose concrete construction instead of steel to help the facility withstand a harsh marine environment. The team also included two renovated and reused wastewater tanks on site, built in the 1950s, in the final design. Beyond lead-paint removal and sandblasting, crews also installed pipes to connect the tanks and a pump station to the distribution system. The design-build project includes headworks-influent screening, biological treatment, membrane separation, ultraviolet light disinfection and chlorine addition.

The site’s shallow bedrock made constructing the process tanks beneath the structure impossible, so the facility’s design used every inch of space to fit the tanks, equipment and office space inside the 40-ft x 40-ft building. The relatively small footprint of the facility on the 2.8-acre plot of land was designed to minimize impact to the site.

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