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Marco EacrettMarco Eacrett
PBK Architects Inc.

The region is showing robust growth in residential and commercial construction, Eacrett says. With the Inland Empire’s  considerable growth in not only population (approximately 50,000 more residents in 2017 than 2016) but also in jobs,  this region’s job growth continues to be the second fastest in California.

Quality K-12 schools are arguably one of the most critical, and often overlooked, components of successful growth, Eacrett says.

A welcome and much needed by-product of the Inland Empire’s growth has been the modernization and construction of public schools. The result is the creation or enhancement of learning spaces that incorporate modern education principles and sustainable practices as well as safety and security improvements.

“An added benefit from the increased quality of educational facilities and programming across the region will be the enticement of quality educators,” Eacrett says. “These key components will help to fuel continued growth in construction, growth in the value of homes, and will expand the regional labor force.”