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Photographer: Robby Brown, Staff Photographer/Videographer
Submitted By: Kimberley Hoidal, Communications Specialist
Sundt Construction Inc., Tuscon, Ariz.

Local residents enjoy the opening night of the San Pedro Creek Culture Park in San Antonio.

“Its primary purpose is flood control; however, this park is bursting with history,” photographer Robby Brown explains. “With work by local artists, elaborate and thoughtful details, and even hidden historic gems­­—you are bound to discover something new with each visit. Everything tells a story.”

The lit background is a metal structure called, “Rain from the Heavens.” It’s comprised of a series of stainless-steel panels backlit with holes forming the pattern of the night sky as it appeared above San Pedro Creek on May 5, 1718, the day San Antonio was founded, Brown says.

He captured the shot using a Canon 5d Mark IV, with a Canon lens at 37mm.

“What drew me to this shot was how everything in this creek leads your eye to this wall. The symmetry of its design, and the offset of the road above it accompanied by streetlights, gives a sense of excitement and balance,” Brown says. “It was the last thing I looked at as I crossed the bridge heading home for the night, leaving a beautiful and lasting image.”