Photographer: James Fuex
Submitted By: Elise Brooking, Associate, Kirksey, Houston

The new STEM building at Stephen. F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, features a domed planetarium that will be the focal point of the building. This photo was shot from inside the framing for the dome, which spans 60 ft in diameter and will eventually be covered in an aluminum-panel skin and lit up at night, serving as a recognizable landmark in the heart of the SFA campus. Teams will install a 50-ft-dia screen inside the dome on which movies will be projected. The planetarium will accommodate 123 people.

Fuex captured the shot using an iPhone 6.

“I was doing site visits, so I’m just … taking loads of pictures of everything,” Fuex says. “I’m just trying to document [what is] out in the field so I can … refresh my memory when I’m writing field reports.”

The STEM building is expected to be finished in August.

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