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Carley HillCarley Hill
CaHill LLC

“A major design trend in Buffalo is the integration of historical remnants or new construction that is iterative of the styles of days past,” says Hill, whose firm provides specialty rental equipment and highly skilled workers. “The Blue Cross Blue Shield headquarters preserved the Romanesque facade of the Buffalo Gas Light Co. Finding a workforce with a mastery of the plastering crafts and skilled trades of the past is always a challenge, but technological advances such as 3D printing help alleviate this loss of trade knowledge.”

Firm in Focus

2170 Whitehaven Road, Grand Island, N.Y.
CEO: Bradley A. Lukanic
Founded: 1945
What's New: The firm’s project for Nantucket Cottage Hospital in Massachusetts will update infrastructure while preserving the 60-year-old exterior, which resembles a seaside residence.