Chris Bockstael

Bockstael serves as his firm’s director of innovation spaces. He has worked on corporate and mixed-use projects as well as research laboratories for companies, including PepsiCo, Yale University and Higher One.

Bockstael also spearheads quality assurance for the firm, identifies strategic business opportunities and participates in its mentoring program. He has been a partner since 2012.

Bockstael is the son of retired architect Bruce Bockstael, the former chief architect for Connecticut.

David Cannistraro
J.C. Cannistraro LLC

The CEO for one of the largest mechanical construction firms in Greater Boston, Cannistraro is an advocate for specialty contractors.

Cannistraro serves in executive roles for organizations such as the National Subcontractors Alliance, New England Mechanical Contractors Association and the Associated Subcontractors of Massachusetts.

He is also a trustee for the Pipe-fitters Local 537 pension and health and welfare funds. 

Sarah Hodges
Director, Construction Business Line
Autodesk Inc.

Hodges currently focuses on implementing disruptive technological innovations that many in the industry expect will change how construction projects are built and delivered.

During her time at Autodesk, Hodges has held various roles across the firm’s industry strategy and marketing team. In those roles, she has helped bring the firm’s building information modeling (BIM) portfolio to the education and commercial sectors. Hodges spends time with her customers from across the globe to understand their challenges and requirements.               

Previously, Hodges worked in the media and entertainment industry, bringing to market and promoting B2B technologies to drive efficiencies in the post-production process.

Matt Ory
Manager, Environmental, Health and Safety
Dept. of Facilities, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ory helps MIT provide a safe and healthy workplace that is free of recognized hazards, including on school grounds and at the central utilities plant. He works with custodial services as well as the repair and maintenance department.

Before joining MIT’s department of facilities in October, Ory spent six years as the director of risk and safety for a utility construction company that performs telecommunications, electrical, gas distribution and vegetation management projects.

In his earlier position, he worked with crews that worked with power and were exposed to heights, excavations and confined spaces, among other hazards.

Ory has experience in workers compensation case strategy and management, general liability and auto insurance management, fleet safety, subcontractor prequalifications and utility damage prevention.

Robert L. Petrucelli
President and CEO
Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Massachusetts

Since becoming president and CEO of Associated General Contractors (AGC) Massachusetts in 1987, Petrucelli has been responsible for the management and oversight of the chapter. He is also responsible for the chapter’s legislative, regulatory and public affairs matters. 

Petrucelli has served on numerous industry task forces, including the state Legislature’s 2003-2004 Special Commission on Public Construction Reform.

The commission’s efforts resulted in sweeping changes to public bidding statutes and the Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance 2012 – 2014 Construction Law Working Group.

Petrucelli  has also served as chairman of the New England Society of Association Executives and chairman of the Board of AGC Executive Leadership Council, the formal organization of AGC’s 95 chapters.

Travis Wanat
Senior Project Manager
Dept. of Facilities Campus Construction Group, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Wanat leads teams of architects, engineers and construction managers in the management and implementation of ground-up building projects on campus.

He is currently helping oversee the development of a 200,000-sq-ft center for nanoscience and nanotechnology being constructed on the MIT campus. Wanat has more than 17 years of experience in the construction industry.

He has experience overseeing and managing the programming, design and construction of capital projects for university, research and other clients.

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