Photographer: Keith Talley, Talley Photography
Submitted By: Hannah Purviance, Communications Manager,
MMC Corp., Overland Park, Kan.

MW Builders is partnering with Equity Hotel Group to construct a 12-story Courtyard Marriott in Dallas. The hotel sits directly adjacent to Union Station and just blocks from Dealey Plaza.

“This [shot of an ironworker tying rebar for concrete shear walls] was mainly just an interesting perspective,” Talley says, “since I could actually stand at the camera position and look up toward him. Usually something like this photograph may be very difficult to shoot because he would be so high up and [there would be] no platform for me to stand on to get this perspective. So, needing a lift or a boom truck was not necessary. And the viewer has no idea at what level this was photographed. Having unusual perspectives can be very important as part of the creativity of the photographer.”

Talley captured this scene with a Nikon D800E and a Nikon 12 to 24 mm zoom lens.