City Grill

Meloni McDanielMeloni McDaniel
President/CEO, TEXO

“In Texas, we continue to see a construction boom like never before, and Fort Worth is right in the heart of it all,” McDaniel says. According to a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the Fort Worth-Arlington division has experienced a 0.4% increase in construction employment in the last year.

“No matter which road you travel on into Fort Worth, you will likely see many projects underway, especially in areas like the newly opened Chisolm Trail Parkway,” she says. “On the north side of town, the Alliance Corridor continues to be built out in both the residential and commercial sectors. Downtown is in a perpetual state of development, with the entire Trinity River Vision project and the new Dickies Arena.”

Additionally, the Fort Worth Independent School District is proposing a $750-million bond package in November.

“If you look at the city of Fort Worth, the growth is incredible,” she adds. “According to the U.S. Census population estimates, from July 2015 to 2016, Fort Worth added close to 20,000 residents.”

McDaniel says the construction boom is likely to continue through at least 2018 and likely much longer in Fort Worth.