City Grill

John A. DayJohn A. Day
2017 AIA Idaho President; Architect, Senior Project Manager
Slichter Ugrin Architecture

“The entire state of Idaho should see continued growth in the architectural profession,” Day says. “With outrageous housing markets dominating the West Coast, Idaho continues to be seen as an affordable place to live and raise a family. This drives many facets of our industry, from retail to schools, single-family residences to commercial office buildings and medical facilities. We should see growth well into next year, albeit a little more cautious growth than some years back.

“The arts and culture [in Boise] are getting more and more support from the community. Downtown is seeing some unprecedented growth, and neighborhoods are maturing. This growth does come with its problems though. Construction labor seems to be short and costs have risen,” he says.

“We are looking forward to the new multipurpose stadium downtown, and the Idaho Arena in Moscow will hopefully get under design this summer. The Boise State University Fine Arts Building also has begun construction,” Day says.