The remains of a shipwrecked vessel were recently unearthed in Boston at the site of Skanska’s 121 Seaport project, a 17-story, 400,000-sq-ft mixed-use office development. An archeological team determined that the approximately 50-ft-long wooden ship was built sometime between the late 18th and mid-19th century, and likely sank sometime between 1850 and 1880. A large cargo of wooden barrels containing lime was found in the boat, which may explain the vessel’s mostly charred wood, since lime produces heat and can start fires when it becomes wet. While the ship’s age made removing it from the site in one piece impossible, Skanska says it will preserve as much of the ship as possible as construction continues throughout the summer. Officials will release a full report on the ship this summer.

“Sunlight reflecting off the light color of soil as well as surrounding buildings did an excellent job of opening up the shadows on what would have otherwise been a very contrasty shot,” Campbell says. He took the photo with a Canon 6D using a 24-70 f/2.8L lens zoomed to 24mm.

Photographer: Russ Campbell
Submitted By: Skanska USA