Thomas J. Sperling IIICity Grill

Thomas J. Spearing III
Senior Vice President
HNTB Corp.

“Construction in northern New Jersey appears on the verge of explosive growth,” says Spearing. “There are many new and diverse opportunities ... [for] an emerging hospitality economy based on casinos, hotels and related industries, providing economic benefits that could well be historic in scope. [The region] will see these economic benefits extend to virtually every component and level of the economy not only in New Jersey but also New York. We are witnessing a new era for our region.”

Firm in Focus

Appel Design Group PA
220 South Orange Ave., Ste. 100, Livingston, N.J.
Principal: Laurance Appel
Founded: 1961
What's New: The company has incorporated green initiatives into a number of projects. It has also designed one of the first solar and LEED-certified single family homes in New Jersey.