The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has announced a “Port Authority Bus Terminal International Design + Deliverability Competition,” a contest to find a conceptual design for the new bus terminal planned for Manhattan’s West Side.

“Building a new Port Authority Bus Terminal will be one of the largest and most important infrastructure projects in this agency’s history and across the nation,” Port Authority Chairman John Degnan said in a press release. “Our competition is open to multi-disciplinary teams from across America and the world, which can prove their skills and expertise are up to the extremely complex task of designing a worthy successor to the world’s busiest bus terminal in the heart of New York City.”

An independent jury will recommend a winner, and the final choice will be made by consulting the previously presented Midtown Bus Master Plan; the jury’s recommendations; and the Trans-Hudson Commuting Capacity Study authorized by the board in October 2015, along with input from partnering agencies, commuters and neighbors of the terminal.

The deadline for the first phase of the contest is April 12, 2016. Finalists will be chosen for a second phase to be held in late summer 2016. The Port Authority expects to announce the winner in September.