Contractors broke ground in mid-January on a $807M terminal at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans.

The project includes the construction a 760,500 sq ft airport terminal with 30 gates, along with a 2,000-car parking garage, a ground transportation staging area, and a central utility plant.

There are also plans to construct a $17 million hotel on-site and add an $87 million bridge and flyover access from Interstate 10. The terminal is being constructed with a design that can eventually be expanded to 42 gates to accommodate the growing passenger traffic which reached a record high of 10 million passengers in 2015.

The construction timeline includes start of pile driving in April 2016. Terminal structure steel erection is scheduled to start in June, followed by parking lot construction in February 2017.

The project is expected to create 13,000 temporary construction jobs and have a $1.7 billion economic impact on the local economy. The construction manager at risk is Hunt-Gibbs-Boh-Metro, a joint venture between Hunt, Gibbs Construction, Boh Bros. Construction Co., and Metro Service Group. After negotiations with stakeholders, the contractor also committed 33% of direct construction costs to disadvantaged businesses.

The new terminal will eventually replace the old terminal which was constructed in 1959 and is not fully meeting modern travel and passenger expectations. Three of the existing concourses will be demolished while one concourse will later be repurposed for charter services and administrative offices.

Any change orders during construction must be approved by all airlines operates at the airport due to their role in funding. The terminal project is being funded with a combination of federal and state aviation grants along with general airport revenue bonds which are paid for by airlines operating at the airport.

The contract opening date is in October 2018, to coincide with the city's 300th anniversary celebrations.