City Grill

William J. ClouatreWilliam J. Clouatre
Vice President
Cajun Industries

LNG projects and Sasol’s multibillion-dollar Lake Charles expansion are the biggest local jobs. “[Cajun is] involved in the Sasol project. Currently, we’re the contractor with the largest manpower base out there,” Clouatre says. There is a lot of activity related to LNG export projects, with several awaiting approvals and investment decisions, plus some proposed ethylene crackers and methanol units. “We believe that less than 50% will go—still a significant amount. Obvious concerns are availability and the quality of craft to support these projects,” he says.

Firm in Focus

Pat Williams Construction LLC
1601 South 5th St., Leesville, La.
President: Pat Williams
Employees: 70
Founded: 1978
Working Local: In the past year, the firm has completed work on the SWLC Charter Academy in Lake Charles and started construction on the Alcoa Administration Building, also in Lake Charles.