Bid of the Week:

The New York State Office of General Services is seeking bids by Nov. 20 for a $130-million contract for the renovation of a portion of the Manhattan Psychiatric Center. The renovated area will be newly occupied by Kirby Forensic, a maximum security psychiatric hospital and will require modifications of up to 260,000 sq ft of space. The project will consist of a total interior renovation of up to 21 floors, including interior construction, heating, plumbing, electric, elevators, fire safety, security and communications to provide a state-of-the-art psychiatric facility. The New York State Office of General Services, Attn: Bruce Trobridge, Director of Consultant Procurement, 3580 Corning Tower 35th Fl., Albany, 12242-0001.


New York 

Yoel Werzberger is in the planning stage for a 116,751-sq-ft apartment building in Brooklyn. The $52-million project will feature 19 stories above grade and one story below grade. Yoel Werzberger, Attn: Yoel Werzberger, Owner, 167 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn, 11206-2131. DR#15-00655974.

SL Green Realty Corp. is in the planning stage for a renovation to 919 3rd Ave. The $26.6-million project will feature infrastructure upgrades, new partitions and ceilings, mechanical and plumbing work and other upgrades. SL Green Realty Corp., Attn: Roger Merriman, VP of Construction, 420 Lexington Ave., New York, 10170-0002. DR#15-00654941.

Queensbury Partners is planning the Fowler Square Mixed-Use Development in Queensbury. The $20-million project totals 81,180 sq ft and includes office space, retail space and 142 multifamily units. Queensbury Partners, Attn: David Santos, 269 Ballard Rd., Wilton, 12831-1357. DR#15-00653322.

Lasingburgh Central School District is in planning for renovations and additions to Turnpike Elementary School in Troy. The $18.1-million project will include construction of a 32,000-sq-ft classroom, gymnasium and cafeteria addition as well as renovations to the existing building and expansion of the existing parking lot. Lansingburgh Central School District, Attn: Cynthia DeDominick, Superintendent, 576 5th Ave., Troy, 12182-2536. DR#15-00659549.

Albany Engineering Corp. is planning the Lyon Mountain Energy Storage Project. The $50-million project would consist of upper and lower reservoirs comprising various existing underground levels and voids within the rock confines of the Lyon Mountain mine; two 15-ft-dia, 2,000-ft-long vertical water conveyance structures between the upper reservoir and the powerhouse, consisting of grouted steel casings within existing bedrock; a 15-ft-dia, 2,000-ft-long horizontal water conveyance structure between the powerhouse and the lower reservoir, consisting of grouted steel casings within existing bedrock; an 80-ft-wide by 300-ft-long by 40-ft-high underground powerhouse chamber; and a 40-ft-wide by 275-ft-long underground switchgear and equipment chamber. The project would also include 100 turbine generators each rated at 2.4 megawatts and a 115-kilovolt transmission line approximately 1,000 ft long from the powerhouse to an existing transmission line. Albany Engineering Corp., Attn: Jim Besha Sr., Project Engineer, 5 Washington Sq., Albany, 12205. DR#15-00649853.

New Jersey

Liberty Property Trust is planning construction of an office building on the waterfront in Camden. The building is the first of four to five buildings that will combine for a total of 1.7 million sq ft of office space. Liberty Property Trust, Attn: Mark Goldstein, Vice President, 500 Chesterfield Parkway, Malvern, Pa., 19355-8707. DR#15-00637395.