Housing the world’s first wind-wave storm-surge simulator, the Marine Technology Life Sciences Seawater Research Building features an 8,520-sq-ft Surge Structure Atmosphere Interaction research facility designed for the study of hurricane physics. Researchers will use the 1,400-horsepower fan and a wave generator to produce wind and wave conditions within a 65-ft-long, 20-ft-wide tank made of 3-in.-thick clear acrylic and positioned 6 ½ ft off the ground. While the tank is in use, a wave generator pumps up to 1,000 gallons of seawater into the building per minute.

University of Miami – Marine Technology Life Sciences Seawater Research Facility


Key Players
University of Miami
Lead Design Firm Cambridge Seven Associates
Contractor Suffolk Construction
Structural Engineer McNamara/Salvia Inc.
MEP Engineer Moses and Associates