The ACE Mentor Program of Greater New York raised $140,000 towards 67 scholarship awards for graduates of the 2009-2010 program at its 15th annual luncheon. An additional $63,000 came from other sources including the Manhattan College-Dr. Charles H. Thornton Award in the amount of $56,000 and the Contractors Association of Greater New York-John A. Cavanagh Award in the amount of $6,000 which requires a separate application but is still designated exclusively to ACE students.

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“We are quite pleased but we are not surprised. It’s consistent with how we did last year,” said Annika Smith, Executive Director of the ACE Mentor Program.

The ACE Mentor Program is a not-for-profit organization that helps prepare high school students for careers in design and construction through mentoring by industry professionals. It is a partnership between New York City schools and universities, architects, interior designers, engineers, construction management companies, professional organizations and related corporations including Turner Construction, Skanska, RCDolner and STV. Participating companies adopt a group of 15 to 30 students for the school year and introduce them to careers in the design and construction industries. The program enrolled close to 500 students this year. Students and their mentors meet 14 times a year to work on a design project that is presented at the end of the season. The program concludes with the fundraising luncheon where scholarships are presented to the high school seniors who plan to further their education and pursue careers in these industries.

The ACE Mentor Program of New York City began raising funds for scholarships in 1996 and has awarded $1,196,000 in scholarships to 634 graduates. The program has also expanded across the country and is now in more than 100 cities with more than 3,200 mentors serving over 9,300 students.

“Now in its 15th year, the ACE Scholarship Fund is proving its worth as an important program for motivating students to pursue higher education and ACE careers,” said John H. Pierce, Vice President and Regional Manager Latin America and Caribbean, Turner International. “The rigorous application process and substantial rewards attract high-quality students who will carry on the legacy of their mentors and help assure a bright future for our profession.”

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