Booster Pump Station 179

This complex installation of 24-ft-deep pumps (to increase water pressure) in the middle of an arts district was laid out from an equipment connection standpoint with an urban desert outdoor environment on space not required by the equipment.

To achieve a sculptural form, the architect used a series of inclined planes. The larger pump building slopes away from the street, while the planters backing the small plaza slope inward for a sense of enclosure and shelter, and to also contain the sound of performing groups. Underwater LED lights cast changing colors onto the planter walls while glass tiles at the top of the wall recall how water seeps out of cliff faces. Decomposed granite on the plaza surface adds to the urban desert look.

Key Players

Owner: City of Scottsdale Water Dept.
Design Firm: DWL Architects + Planners
General Contractor: MGC Contractors Inc.
Consultants: GHD Inc.; Nabar Stanley Brown; GBtwo Landscape Architecture
Subcontractor: Sun Valley Masonry