Submitted by Gannett Fleming West, Inc.

At two lanes, this $3.3-million, 8-mi roadway improvement serves residents and visitors of the Taos area. Prior to being paved, the roadway was inundated with melting snows and monsoon rains that could strand travelers. The improved road was engineered to use the established grade as well as to salvage roadbed gravels as part of the pavement structure. Because it was designed to fit the existing right of way, the team saved the county approximately $500,000.

This link between rural communities and Taos will improve local quality of life, and the roadway will increase tourist activity and revenue by providing a stable, ‘bounce-free’ roadway with an all-weather driving surface.

The roadway provides a crucial decrease in emergency service response time, benefiting public safety, while the integration of the road into the surrounding landscape highlights the beauty of this rural area.

Owner: Taos County
Engineer: Gannett Fleming West Inc.
General Contractor: Northern Mountain Constructors
Construction Manager: Gannett Fleming West, Inc.