Submitted by Sletten Construction of Nevada, Inc.

This career development campus promotes a sense of community while fostering relationships with industry partners. Totaling 200,000 sq ft, the project’s eight buildings are made up of one- and two-story concrete tilt panels with membrane roofing. The 45-acre site includes a softball field, tennis courts, basketball courts and a campus courtyard.

Photo Ryan Sisti/Pugsley Simpson Coulter Architects
Photo Ryan Sisti/Pugsley Simpson Coulter Architects

The project was completed one month ahead of schedule due in large part to careful planning and execution of the tilt panel erection, which despite a wide assortment of panel sizes and locations, was accomplished in 100 days.

With an academic atmosphere similar to that of higher education, a greater sense of excitement and professionalism is instilled in students. After consulting with leaders from various business and industrial vocations, the school district and designers organized the school into nine programs or academies, including biotechnology, business management and environmental sciences.

Each academy focuses on project-based learning, with the design focusing on the heart of each program, such as lab spaces, with the corridors, classrooms and multipurpose rooms radiating out from this core. The separate gymnasium and commons building provide communal gathering space aside from the outdoor public spaces.

To heat and cool each building, a ground source heat exchange system was used. Individually controlled heat pumps were designed for each room per building. With a central closed loop system fed from the well field, the building has the ability to add or remove energy from the system and in turn, transfer it to the next if needed. Natural light via windows, translucent panels and skylights is allowed to penetrate deep into the classrooms. Solar panels provide 85 kw of energy and allow students hands-on experience.

Owner: Clark County School District
Architect: Pugsley Simpson Coulter Architects
General Contractor: Sletten Construction of Nevada, Inc.
Engineers: PBS&J; Mendenhall Smith, Inc.; Petty and Associates: TJK Consulting Engineers; Sound Geothermal Corp.; Benchmark
Landscape Architect: Hill Clark & Associates