Submitted by NCA Architects

Located on Santa Fe’s celebrated plaza, this 88,659-sq-ft facility is home to priceless artwork, maps, textiles and historical photographs. With a theatre that seats 200 and a learning center designed for interactive education, the $44-million museum allows for the display of long-archived artifacts. Featuring a fa�ade that reflects the area’s turquoise skies and adobe earth, the museum links together three sites, including the oldest public building in the U.S., with as little disruption as possible, while highlighting New Mexico’s rich culture and history. Stonework from historical settlements uncovered at the site is showcased in an exposed stairway wall, integrating the past with an innovative future.

Owner: Department of Cultural Affairs
Architect: NCA Architects
Construction Manager: TS Byrne
Engineers: Chavez-Grieves; M&E Engineering; Peak Power