Submitted by Q&D Construction, Inc.

This project relocates the TSA screening equipment and operations to the back of house, while in the public areas, combining ticketing, baggage check-in and a remodeled lobby featuring modern finishes and a theme that represents the natural landscapes and recreation activities of the Lake Tahoe region. The automated baggage screening system is efficient, and features an ergonomic lift-assist system in baggage inspection, a first in any airport.

Reno-Tahoe International Airport Automated Baggage Check-in Project

A large temporary structure was installed to allow airline ticketing to proceed without interruption and shortened the construction schedule by two years, saving over $4 million. It also helped prevent multiple relocations and disruptions to tenant operations.

Because of an effective public information campaign, the airport did not receive a single construction-related complaint from the travelling public.

Owner: Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority
Architect: Gresham Smith & Partners
General Contractor: Q&D Construction, Inc.
Construction Manager: PBS&J
Engineers: Gresham Smith & Partners; Dinter Engineering