The $1.7-million Cleveland Park Animal Hospital near downtown Greenville, S.C., replaced the existing 1950s-era clinic at the same location. The building features dedicated space for small animal examination, treatment, surgery, grooming and boarding, and an equine treatment area, as well as multiple laboratories, a pharmacy, an employee breakroom, and management offices. Among the facility’s design attributes is special acoustical treatment in the dog boarding and main reception areas.

Photo Courtesy Moss & Associates

Design-builder Moss and Associates recommended relocating the practice and its associated medical equipment to 3,000 sq ft of temporary modular facilities on site, rather than use a phased remodeling approach as originally planned, resulting in a cost savings of nearly $100,000 and a schedule reduction of more than one month. The plan allowed for easier abatement of asbestos and lead paint.

In addition, the decision to totally demolish the existing facility allowed the architect, owner, and construction team to revise the floor plan to create a more efficient clinic within the same footprint size and to shift the new facility, allowing a better parking layout. As a bonus, the clinic experienced revenue increases during construction.

Moss began work on the project in May 2009. Once crews removed the existing floor slab, they found an extremely wet subgrade. Moss worked with the structural engineers and geotech consultants to devise a workable solution. The wet subgrade was undercut and replaced with imported clean structural fill and capped with a geotextile fabric and a six inch layer of granite surge stone. The team found the original subgrade problem was primarily due to the existing topography. Adjacent property to the side and rear drained to this site and was never redirected from the building. The new grading plan provided for drainage swales to direct and control rainwater and the building elevation was subsequently raised 6 in to accommodate the revised civil plan.

Completion of the new facility, in January 2010, provides an efficient, modern animal clinic with spacious entry, reception, and waiting areas with high wood-plank ceilings and acoustic wall panels. Wood cabinetry, dark wood tables and credenzas, futon chairs, porcelain tile floors, granite countertops and residential lamps create the feeling of a comfortable den. A large interior window allows people to look into the large, centrally located treatment room.

To complement the neighborhood and adjacent city park, the clinic features typical residential construction material, such as hardiplank fiber-cement siding, cultured stone, architectural asphalt shingles, and heavy timber trusses and framing at the entry. Stained custom heavy timber framing at the front of the building carries through from the front entry porch into the lobby/reception area.

Key Players

Owner: Cleveland Park Animal Hospital
Contractor: Moss & Associates
Architect: McAbee Architects
Engineers: Professional Engineering Associates, ME & P Engineering