Calabasas, Calif.-based ValleyCrest Landscape Cos. presented 2009 Ford Ranger trucks to five employees across the country for superior performance in workplace safety as part of its 2009 National Safety Day.

Initiated as a safety incentive program in 2002, the annual Safety Day truck giveaway reinforces ValleyCrest’s commitment to workplace safety by encouraging employees to perform throughout the year accident free. To qualify, full-time field employees must complete one-year of service with no accidents and be employed by a branch that meets or exceeds the company’s threshold safety standards.

 “In challenging economic times, we recognize that there is an even greater importance in keeping workplace safety top-of mind,” said Richard A. Sperber, president and CEO of ValleyCrest, in a statement. “It not only makes sense for the well-being of our employees, it makes sense for our businesses.”

Two of the five recipients of the Ford truck were from Florida. They were: Humberto Garcia, foreman with ValleyCrest Landscape Development in Tampa; and Evelio Guevara, gardener with ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance inHomestead.

ValleyCrest’s safety incentive program draws winners from a pool of more than 4,000 eligible employees who qualified across five different U.S. regions.