A New York-based company is claiming to offer a product that can remediate the effects of toxic drywall for suffering homeowners. Electrocorp, an industrial air purification company, announced that field testing by a Florida company showed levels of hydrogen sulfide and other gases emitted from tainted drywall were reduced by 80% to 90% after only 24 hours of operating the company's air purification equipment.

Electrocorp has developed a customized carbon filter specifically to reduce the H2S and other gases that have been found to leach from what has now become known as toxic Chinese drywall. Tests have identified that the drywall emits dangerous gases, including H2S, which thousands of homeowners claim have made them sick. As well, these gases can corrode wiring and other metals.

Electrocorp has teamed up with Spiderman Mulholland, a forensic investigator and owner of US Building Consultants, which inspects buildings, diagnoses problems and recommends solutions.