AAH Construction Corp. of Long Island City, N.Y., and Navillus Contracting of New York have been selected to work directly under construction manager STV Construction Inc. to perform the interior and exterior modernization of the Ingersoll and Whitman housing complexes in Brooklyn, N.Y.

AAH and Navillus are both members of the New York City Carpenters Labor Management Corp. The agency was created to promote the use of union contractors and laborers.

The New York City Housing Authority tapped the two companies under its Construction Management/Build Program.

The $101.3-million revitalization project is one of the largest housing renovations in the country. The scope of the project entails a wide range of construction tasks, including the renovation of approximately 600 occupied and vacant apartments, the replacement of 32 elevators, the replacement of roofs at approximately 25 buildings, as well as the replacement of interior metal stairs at approximately 61 stairwells.

Remediation work is expected to include extensive asbestos and lead abatement.

The project also includes interior apartment renovation such as kitchen replacements and plumbing and electrical work.

Construction of the Ingersoll and Whitman housing complexes in Brooklyn began in October 2009.

The housing authority schedule calls for overall completion of the project in December 2011.