EMCOR Group chairman and CEO Frank MacInnis says he will retire after 16 years at the helm of one of the United States’ largest mechanical and electrical subcontractors.

Frank MacInnis

Under the leadership of the 63-year-old MacInnis, EMCOR, which has several times been listed as the Number One Specialty Contractor in New York Construction’s annual Top Contractor rankings, has grown from a group of specialty contracting subsidiary companies with revenue in 1994 of $1.8 billion to a Fortune 500 firm with 2009 revenues of over $5.5 billion. MacInnis is expected to continue serving as non-executive Chairman of EMCOR’s Board of Directors after stepping down on January 3, 2011.

Anthony J. Guzzi

“Frank MacInnis has done an outstanding job as EMCOR’s Chairman and CEO, leading the company into a period of significant expansion and prosperity for which we are deeply indebted to him,” said Stephen W. Bershad, Chair of the Board’s Compensation and Personnel Committee.

EMCOR President and Chief Operating Officer, Anthony J. Guzzi, 46, will succeed MacInnis as CEO.