WSDOT awarded the last of four Recovery Act projects to pave I-5 in Cowlitz County. Lakeside Industries Inc. of Longview was awarded the $4.57-million construction contract to pave approximately 17 mi of I-5 between Todd Road and the Kelso Weigh Station between mile posts 26.5 to 43.8 this summer. WSDOT is delivering this second tier stimulus project following lower-than-expected bids on initial Recovery Act funded highway projects in Washington State.

Crews will resurface the interstate and improve guardrail, striping and signage between the Kalama and Kelso vicinities. This section of I-5 in Cowlitz County carries an average of 52,000 vehicles per day. Construction is expected to begin in May and will be complete by the end of October.

WSDOT also started construction on another ARRA project, this time in the Eastern Region. On March 15, Acme Concrete Paving, Inc. of Spokane began work on a 5-mi stretch of northbound U.S. 195. This project installs steel “dowel bars” between the existing concrete panels in the northbound lanes. Following that, the concrete surface will be smoothed out with a diamond grinder. In addition, a number of broken concrete panels will be replaced. Acme is the general contractor on the $2.45 million project, which will take about three months to complete.