Mortenson Construction, Seattle, has given a “green” makeover to a jobsite trailer by using recycled and reused materials and energy efficient lighting, heating and cooling components. By making small changes to a used trailer, energy savings is expected to exceed 30 percent.

“We have always focused on building green projects, it seems fitting we work green as well,” said Melissa Teichman, an assistant project manager with Mortenson who planned the trailer retrofit.

“There are many energy-efficient and eco-friendly products available; bringing them all together can result in huge energy savings and an eco-friendly working environment.”

The trailer is being tested with daily use at Seattle University as the home of the Lemieux Library Renovation project team. The project is designed to meet LEED Gold standards and the trailer will be submitted as a LEED® innovation credit.

The lighting system and heat pump will provide the greatest energy savings. The ceiling, insulation, and windows create a heating and cooling “envelope” that assist with climate control.

Energy savings is a benefit to the project owner, Seattle University, who pays directly for energy use.