Featured Product  December 2009
Topcon Scanmaster 1.5 software Topcon Scanmaster 1.5 software

Topcon Scanmaster 1.5 software , designed to be used in conjunction with Topcon’s GLS-1000 Scanner, is intended to simplify laser scanner point collection and manipulation of the 3D point-cloud data sets. The software includes a number of new features, including new renderings options for culling data points to display only visible point clouds at optimal resolutions, in order to achieve a clearer view of the scanned structures. Several passes of laser-scan data may also be compiled into a single visible data set, and the software allows for the creation of mesh objects and annotations for scanned data to establish context and documentation.

For more information: Topcon Positioning Systems; www.topconpositioning.com

Mapeguard 2 Mapeguard 2

Mapeguard 2 is a 40-mil crack-isolation and sound-reduction membrane, which features an easy-to-remove liner to decrease installation time. The membrane is lightweight for easy transport, and has a rigid design so it does not lose its shape when the liner is removed. The split-back release liner can be removed easily for faster installation, and will not cling to the membrane during installation. The low-VOC-content membrane can be used under a variety of flooring materials, including wood, tile and stone. Mapeguard 2 contains a high post-industrial recycled content, which qualifies it for points in LEED certification.

For more information, contact Mapei Americas; 800-426-2734; www.mapei.com

The Economy Series Walk-Behind Power Trowel The Economy Series Walk-Behind Power Trowel

The Economy Series Walk-Behind Power Trowel is intended for concrete finishing jobs that do not require the power of larger walk-behind power trowels. The power trowels are lighter than those found in the Pro Series, and are available at a lower price. The E-Series is available with both 36-in. and 30-in. dia. rotor configuration, and is powered by a 5.5-hp Honda engine. The power trowel uses Allen Premium Finishing Blades, which have been manufactured to high tolerances to prevent deformation during finishing. Other features of the E-Series include twist-pitch blade adjustment and a handlebar-mounted safety kill switch.

For more information: Allen Engineering; 870-236-7751; www.allenconquip.com

The Chem-Calk 1250 Series The Chem-Calk 1250 Series

The Chem-Calk 1250 Series is a high-performance oxime/neutral silicone sealant with high UV resistance and rapid curing. The sealant features a non-corrosive, low-odor formulation that can be applied to a wide range of substrates without compromising them, including masonry, metal, plastic and wood. The sealant can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings, and is able to retain its elastomeric properties in temperatures ranging from -61°F to 348°F. The Chem-Calk 1250 Series meets many different industrial standards, including ASTM C920, TT-S00230C and TT-S-001543A, and is compliant with CARB and SCAQMD environmental regulations. The sealants come in 10.3-ounce cartridges, and are available in clear, white, aluminum, black, bronze and gray.

Bostik; 888-592-8558; www.bostik-us.com