With roots in federal renovation and construction projects, Grunley Construction Co. of Rockville, Md., fared well in 2009. Although regional revenues were down $50 million from 2008, the company finished 2009 with $326 million in revenue and maintained full employment.

Grunley Construction Co.

“Our renovation work tends to be sizable, multiyear projects,” says Joel Zingeser, director of corporate development at Grunley. “We’ve had a fairly stable backlog of work, and in April 2009, we were awarded several American Recovery and Reinvestment Act-funded projects.”

Grunley is working on the fifth, $34-million phase of the Dept. of Interior Building renovation; the second, $43.8-million phase of the Mary E. Switzer Building renovation; the $16.5-million fourth phase of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture renovation; and in a joint venture with Gilbane Building Co. of Providence, R.I., the $158-million second and third phases of the Herbert Hoover Dept. of Commerce Building renovation. Altogether, the stimulus projects in the District of Columbia total about $175 million.

The company also is working on the $122.7-million phase three Eisenhower Executive Office Building renovation in D.C.; is building the $4.4-million National Sporting Library in Middleburg, Va.; and is completing the $840,000 Bartholdi Park Restoration project in D.C.

Location: Rockville, MD.
Regional Rank: 15
Regional Revenue: $326 million