The Think Tank project is a new-build addition of a study space and library in the backyard of a 1950s-era Savannah, Ga., home.

Photo by CSCP Consult/Celestino Piralla
The Think Tank office space project is located in a traditional Savannah, Ga., residential area.

Inspired by midcentury modern design, the architectural firm of CSCP Consult Design used a modular design and steel-based construction, a method that accommodates the structure's elevation of 6 ft above the ground, which was required to meet federal regulations for the area. For cost effectiveness, the structure is clad in corrugated metal and built on a light-gauge steel frame. The building also features double-pane windows, interior solar shades and recessed LED lighting. To reduce costs further, the owner opted to equip the building only with electricity and air conditioning.


Key Players

Owner:CSCP Consult, Savannah, Ga.

Contractor: Capers Martin Construction, Savannah, Ga.

Designer: CSCP Consult Design, Savannah, Ga.

Submitted by CSCP Consult, Savannah, Ga.