This partnership with GM&P, for instance, "allows them to get with the design team up front, which helps the procurement, which helps us to complete the design and the energy calculations—and that helps us get the drawings complete," Werbelow says. "We're a big proponent of buying out the job early."

Adds Allen: "We're trying to take a lot of risk out of the equation. And we're trying to keep our allowances down to a very small amount, because that also [reduces] risk."

Future Outlook

Like Miami construction overall, Related Group is showing no signs of slowing.

"We're pretty bullish on the state of the market in South Florida," says Allen.

The company is also fairly upbeat about the rental market, at least for the next few years. Citing the trend of decreasing home ownership rates, Allen contends that an increasing number of people are starting to prefer rental living.

"We see huge demand," he says, noting a 98% occupancy rate for Related's 15,000-unit rental portfolio.

For its undeniable impact on the region's construction market, ENR Southeast recognizes Related Group of Florida as its Owner of the Year.