Brooklyn Bridge Park Corp. has selected a developer and a new design plan for Pier 6, a controversial high-rise residence on the edge of a coastline park on the Brooklyn waterfront facing downtown Manhattan.

The city controlled Brooklyn Bridge Park Corp. selected a joint venture of RAL Development Services and Oliver’s Realty Group to develop the two residential buildings from among the 14 bids submitted.

The joint venture is making a $106 million upfront payment to acquire the long-term lease at the site and will also make annual payments on the 94-year lease, according to James Yolles, a spokesman for RAL.

Community advocates objected to the design of the original building because they said its height blocked views and because it lacked affordable housing units.

The new design calls for two buildings on the two, 10,000 sq ft parcels and reduces the height of each of the buildings by 30 ft.

The taller of the two buildings would have 192 condominium units, and the shorter building would have 117 affordable housing units and 30 market-rate rental apartments. The two buildings would have a total of 339 units. The original design called for 430 units.

The shorter building would share a lobby with the taller building. The towers’ ground floors would include a pre-K facility, public restrooms and community and retail space.

The new design also includes potential upgrades to the adjacent Pier 5/6 Loop Road that would result in the addition of 10,000 sq ft of park land. The design architect on the project is ODA New York.

A lawsuit challenging the Pier 6 development site was settled in June.