The plan, dubbed Housing New York: A Five-Borough, Ten-Year Plan, is "the most expansive and ambitious affordable housing agenda of its kind in the nation's history," de Blasio's office said in a May 5 statement.

The plan is expected to preserve 120,000 units and build 80,000 new ones.

"We have a crisis of affordability on our hands," de Blasio said in announcing the plan. "It touches everyone from the bottom of the economic ladder all the way up to the middle class. And so we are marshaling every corner of government and the private sector in an unprecedented response."

New York City

City Council Eyes Two Bills Affecting Crane Work

Two new bills seeking to amend crane regulations in the New York City Building Code were introduced in the City Council late last month.

Both bills, introduced by council member Ben Kallos, cite safety concerns and the Bloomberg administration's overhaul last year of the building code whose changes for cranes will become effective this October.

One bill, Int. 299, would require at least two years of New York City experience for Class A and B crane operators. The other, Int. 298, calls for maintaining the five-year minimum licensing and training requirements for rigging that are currently in place.

New York and New Jersey

PANYNJ Reform Panel Proposed