Sarah J. Morgan
Promotes advancement of young professionals in engineering
31, Senior Project Engineer
Golder Associates Inc.
Redmond, Wash.

Sarah Morgan has not only emerged as a top young professional in the Northwest for her work as a geotechnical engineer at Golder Associates, she is also helping advance the careers of other young engineers. Showing an early interest in management, she began managing projects while still performing basic technical design work soon after joining the company. Morgan now manages multidisciplinary projects with teams of varied size. In 2011, Morgan, along with nine other young professionals from Golder Associates, formed the professional development group, which seeks to encourage professional development within the company. The group has evolved into the National PDG Committee. Led by Morgan, it continues to foster future leadership at Golder.



Kirk Sund
Promoted to managing principal at his firm by age 30
31, Managing Principal
CB Two Architects
Salem, Ore.

Kirk Sund was on the path to becoming a principal while in college. As an undergraduate at the University of Oregon, he interned at Curry Brandaw Architects. After graduation, he began working full time at the firm, developing a specialized skill set focused on project management. When the firm closed in 2007, co-founder Garth Brandaw launched CB Two Architects and asked Kirk to join the CB Two team. After proving himself as a skilled architect with a knack for project management and insightful business acumen, Sund was promoted to managing principal in 2011. Sund has been a director for the Salem AIA Chapter since 2008, enabling him to steer the conversation of architecture and design in the Salem area. As director, he spearheaded the resurrection of the Salem AIA Design Awards and was committee chair for programming events.