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Head of Material Operations

As an executive focused on integrating new technology into the built world, Matt Carli currently serves as the head of material operations at ICON, the construction technologies company leading the way into the future of human shelter and homebuilding using 3D printing, robotics, software and advanced materials.

Carli oversees that ICON’s Lavacrete (print medium) arrives on the jobsite in a scalable cost effective manner. Focused on both hardware and logistics to create a sustainable supply chain and business development pipeline. Carli brings lessons learned of the challenges of working around the world to build global project teams and uncovering emerging trends in construction.

ICON is continually setting new standards for delivering resilient, dignified housing around the world. Raising $59 million to date in funding, ICON has delivered communities of 3D-printed homes in the U.S. and internationally and forged partnerships with world-renowned architects, builders and housing organizations. In fall 2020, ICON was awarded a research contract through the Air Force, which included funding from NASA to begin research and development of an off-world construction system planned to support future exploration of the Moon and beyond.

Prior to joining ICON, Carli was Director of Innovation and Strategic Planning at Laticrete International, where he focused on emerging construction technologies including 3D construction printing, IoT, integrated tech stack, and autonomous robotic application. Leading strategic initiatives throughout his tenure, Carli opened the Laticrete Canada subsidiary, started an inside sales team, and facilitated global partnerships.

Globally Carli has lived, worked, and studied in China, Canada, Israel, Italy, Mexico, and Spain, helping to fulfill his life goal to always have visited more countries than his age. 

Carli holds an MBA from St. John’s University in Rome, Italy and a BA in psychology from Florida International University.  He will soon relocate to Austin, TX from Miami, Florida.

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