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ENR's Top Young Professionals

Anna JacobsonAnna Jacobson
Senior Preconstruction Manager
Morley Builders

Anna Jacobson has collaborated on some of the most complex and culturally significant projects in Southern California at Morley Builders, an ENR Top 400 general contractor based in Santa Monica, CA. After becoming one of the youngest project managers in the company’s 70-year history, she pivoted to preconstruction, where she provides leadership and direction in all phases from project pursuit to start of construction. Her leadership and organization, communication skills, passion for detail and dedication to outstanding service have allowed her to excel in executing complicated, high-quality and unique projects. In this role, she has become fascinated with the vast potential for data to fundamentally transform the way we create the built environment; this led her to earn a Master in Information and Data Science degree from UC Berkeley in 2020. She believes that the AEC industry is rapidly approaching an inflection point in its trajectory where the traditional, instinct-driven, decision-making processes will give way to more data-informed, analytic approaches, and her goal is to help develop and lead the exciting changes ahead. She was a Top Young Pro in the California Region in 2017.

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