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ENR’s National Top 20 Under 40

Dallas, TX

Erin Peavey Erin Peavey
Architect & Design Researcher, Vice President

Architect advocates for health care for all

Trained in architecture and psychology, Peavey is a licensed architect and researcher who considers her calling to be using research to help advocate for and design health care for all. Peavey is an active contributor to the healthcare and design research communities and serves as an Industry Scholar at Cornell University. From 2017 through 2019, Peavey worked on a $300 million surgical tower for Texas Health Resources in Fort Worth, serving as a planner, researcher and job captain, organizing internal teams and materials working from master planning, through programming, and into design development. When Peavey was 22, her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer, which lead Peavey to move to Austin after graduation to care for her. This only further drove Peavey’s commitment to the field of healthcare design and further ignited her passion and mission to help others. In June, Peavey started a successful podcast called Shared Space that uses storytelling and science to explore the hidden structures of environments and how they shape social connection, human behavior and health. Peavey served as research chair and trustee for the Academy of Architecture for Health Foundation for close to a decade and was the youngest board member in history.

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