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ENR’s National Top 20 Under 40

Pearl River, NY

Atul Paralkar Atul Paralkar
Director of Controls
Holt Construction Corp.

Enhancing design and construction quality internally and industry-wide

Throughout his career, Paralkar has successfully delivered and supported more than forty-billion-dollars’ worth of projects in the US and overseas. They include major development programs at New York City’s airports, Exxon Mobil’s Non-Road Diesel project and the Brain and Cognitive Science Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Along with helping to shape the built environment, Paralkar has applied his skills to Holt Construction’s transformative and redevelopment initiatives, to help the firm improve project performance and execution. He also leads change management initiatives that integrate and connect diverse stakeholder interests – to address project operations, quality, finance, sales, analytics and reporting standards. Paralkar’s ability to draw from a diverse range of industry subjects and projects allows his team to enhance project results through the seamless integration of financial and business needs with built environment outcomes. In addition to mentoring countless young people at the outset of their own career journeys, he co-established an architectural excellence award to honor Minal Panchal, a college classmate who was one of 32 victims of the tragic 2007 shooting at Virginia Tech University.

ENR Top Young Professionals