Robyn Colosimo Robyn S. Colosimo,
Deputy Assistant, Secretary of the Army (Project Planning and Review)\

In December 2022, Ms. Robyn S. Colosimo was selected as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Project Planning and Review) (DASA(PPR)) in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works) (ASA(CW)). As the DASA(PPR), she serves as the principal advisor to the ASA (CW) on the development, evaluation, authorization, and implementation of Corps of Engineers water resources projects, including flood damage reduction, harbor and inland navigation, ecosystem restoration, hurricane and storm damage reduction, recreation, water supply, and hydropower projects. The DASA(PPR) also has oversight responsibilities for the Corps' water resources planning and Civil Works technical and policy review functions.

Ms. Colosimo’s previous assignment was as the Director of Policy and Legislation in the Office of the ASA(CW). Other assignments in her long and distinguished career include service as a Senior Policy Advisor on the National Economic Council, as an Assistant for Water Resources Policy in the ASA(CW) office, as the Deputy Associate Director for Natural Resources on the Council on Environmental Quality and as the Assistant Director of Civil Works at the US Army Corps of Engineers. Early in her career she worked in the private sector designing roads and stormwater management facilities.

Ms. Colosimo holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Penn State University, and a Master of Science degree in Policy Sciences from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. She is also a licensed professional engineer in the State of Maryland.

Ms. Colosimo is a results-driven leader with 35 years of experience, resolving long-standing and complex problems through collaborative and strategic action on tight timelines. She has received numerous awards throughout her career; she is a Fellow in the American Society of Civil Engineers and was named a Distinguished Alumna by the Penn State Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.