Groundbreaking Women in Construction Conference

Fawn RadmanichFawn Radmanich
Marketing Strategist

Panelist: Strategic Thinkers—Women Make an Impact Through Setting Direction

Fawn Radmanich, FSMPS, CPSM is the marketing strategist for PCL Construction’s California vertical buildings operations. A 23-year A/E/C industry professional services marketing veteran, she is a roll-up-her-sleeves strategist, with particular expertise in leading teams to winning multi-million- and billion-dollar design and construction projects. She particularly loves to dive headfirst into giant, messy pursuit with the sole purpose of influencing the outcome and leveraging the strengths of teams for the win. Rooted in her innate belief of people’s strengths and forged through countless pursuits, Fawn brings a unique perspective to strategic thinking that builds on a foundation of proven practices.

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