Groundbreaking Women in Construction Conference

Clare Haas ClaveauClare Haas Claveau
Chief Operating Officer
Engineers Without Borders USA

Speaker: Life-Changing, Career-Making: Two Non Profits Build Solutions and Industry Skill

Clare Haas Claveau is a professional engineer and a leader in the civil and environmental engineering industry with an emphasis on water and wastewater for small systems. Clare has spent the last seven years with Engineers Without Borders USA, an organization that partners with communities around the world to meet their basic human needs. Clare is inspired daily by the passion and dedication of EWB-USA’s staff and volunteers and the impact they have in meeting basic human needs. As the COO, Clare provides the overall strategic leadership and oversight to the growth and stability of EWB-USA so that the volunteers can keep doing what they do best - providing life-changing and critical engineering and infrastructure services.

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