Groundbreaking Women in Construction Conference

Cara Wilczynski

Cara Wilczynski
Customer Success Manager| Roadmap, Vision, Strategy
Autodesk Construction Cloud

Digitizing Diversity: How BIM, Remote Working and Other Tech Creates Opportunities for Inclusivity in Construction

As a customer success manager focused on Vision, Roadmap & Strategy, Cara is responsible for delivering the value of technology to Autodesk customers as it relates to their business directly. Cara has always been interested in making the building process more efficient, and VDC was her first outlet when she started in the AEC industry. Based on past experiences in industry, Cara strives to ease construction workflows and isolate where challenges lie for all AEC personas. Cara's market experience includes mixed-use/ residential high-rise, healthcare, corporate headquarters and renovations ranging from $500,000 up to $120M.

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