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Matthew VittiMatthew Vitti
XR Architect, Founder and CEO
Room Scale Labs

Matthew Vitti is a licensed architect with more than 20 years experience on three continents. He is an expert in the emerging field of XR Architecture, in which he fuses his knowledge of architecture with his passion for extended reality technologies, including virtual, augmented and mixed reality. He is the founder of Room Scale Labs, a San Diego, Calf.-based XR solutions company that creates deliverables such as 4D animation, VR safety training and customized workflow development for implementation at the single-project, or company-wide scale. Vitti developed and teaches a 3-credit VR course at the university level in Rome, Italy and Romania and most recently worked for two years at California-based TCA Architects, where he created a VR and rendering studio within the firm, as well as his own position and title of VR Architect.