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George LukesGeorge Lukes
Design Manager
Utah DOT

George Lukes is the Standards and Design Engineer for the Utah Dept. of Transportation. For Standards, he manages the process for all changes and publications of specifications and drawings. For Design, his main responsibility is to manage the department’s Digital Delivery of Model Based Design and Construction Program. UDOT has developed a repeatable process, where in lieu of the traditional paper plan set process, all Digital Delivery projects are awarded with the model as the legal document, without cutting sheets, and the model is used in the field with mobile devices and rovers. UDOT has awarded 14 projects with the model as legal documents (MALD) of which the last seven were awarded with no plan sheets. All 14 projects have used various combinations of loading the models on mobile devices in the field using Bentley OpenRoads Navigator and Synchro, ESRI Collector and rovers. George graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Over his 30-plus years in engineering, he has worked in the inorganic mineral processing industry, hazardous waste industry and the transportation industry.