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As BIM Director at HMC Architects, Nash Reyes is passionate about elevating the practice of building information modeling by analyzing the way designers use — and misuse — the tools and data that creates them. His goal is to ensure HMC’s modeling is rich with accessible data, and not just a way to make flashy presentations. He uses a battery of technologies to dissect and measure the way models are built as a way to guide his team and project partners toward unleashing the power of digital practices through the next generation of BIM. As the CEO of Argyle, Maret Thatcher helps make BIM and AR work harder for the construction fieldworker, overcoming file size limitations, creating precise site alignment, and helping everyone on site get the ROI out of the BIM.


Nash Reyes, Director BIM Technology, HMC Architects
Maret Thatcher, CEO, Argyle, Inc.


Steve Jones, Senior Director, Dodge Data & Analytics

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