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Thursday, March 11 @ 11:00 AM ET

COVID-19: Planning, Reacting and the Path Forward for Construction

When the first reports of COVID-19 began to surface, Skanska was able to use our agile and nimble corporate structure to quickly prepare for exposure with a comprehensive approach. Specifically, our efforts focused on challenges for operational safety, how to best use technology to keep our projects running and commercial management considerations. In this panel discussion, you will hear about our approach to preparedness and adaptability during the pandemic and how the acceleration and adoption of technology can drive the industry forward in this new normal. Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel, Legal Clay Haden, Chief Operations Officer Chris Toher and Chief Strategy Officer Anita Nelson will share details from our journey to remain operational and the foundation we have set to move forward.

Pamela Monastra, Senior Vice President, Head of Communications, Skanska USA Building

Clay Haden, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and General Counsel, Skanska USA Building
Chris Toher, Chief Operations Officer (COO), Skanska USA Building
Anita Woolley Nelson, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Skanska USA Building

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discover what measures Skanska took to prepare for the pandemic, how we adapted and what we've kept in place.
  2. Learn how we established safe work practices on jobsites that remained open as COVID-19 first emerged and how we standardized these best practices to implement them on projects across the country as states reopened.
  3. Hear how we navigated changing contract requirements and about our efforts to establish construction as an essential industry.
  4. Understand how we leveraged technology already in use on our project sites, such as using wearable technology to minimize safety risks to workers and keeping owners informed with virtual project tours.

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