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Tuesday, March 9 @ 3:15 PM ET

Optimizing Efficiency with Advanced Work Packaging

The benefits of Construction Industry Institute (CII) Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) best practice are substantial and they have been proven. Model and data centric digital AWP workflows are evolving into the next generation project execution methodology. Applying digital AWP has proven to improve field productivity by up to 25% and reduce TIC by 8-10% in the industrial construction segment and the race is on to deliver the same benefits on civil infrastructure market projects. Integrating and orchestrating the data, processes, training and contracts around AWP is a non-trivial exercise but an extremely worthwhile journey to achieve predictable outcomes. Many companies say they do AWP but very few achieve the advertised benefits on a programmatic basis. This presentation will provide an update on the latest developments on the CII AWP best practice, as well as strategies and resources to enable your organization to realize the benefits of programmatic adoption of AWP.

Eric Crivella, Business Development Director, Digital Construction Works

Learning Objectives:

  1. Apply and measure key concepts of AWP best practice
  2. Develop an AWP business case for your project
  3. Learn how AWP digital threads and data requirements can drive predictable outcomes
  4. Access and use tools and resources assess your organizations digital AWP maturity

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