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Thursday, March 11 @ 3:15 PM ET

How to Set Up Distributed Teams for Success

Standardizing collaboration does not have to kill creativity. With project teams distributed among different locations, now featuring remote working, reliable collaboration only happens intentionally. Jan Michael Beran will share obstacles his preconstruction team faced and how to intentionally overcome those challenges. He’ll identify how to gain actionable feedback that preconstruction needs from the field as well as gaining timely input from operations throughout the preconstruction process. With the ultimate goal of making better decisions sooner on every project, continuous teamwork is key.

Jan Beran, Project Estimator, Beckenhauer Construction

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn what medium works best for different types of collaboration
  2. Formalize collaboration without taking away creativity
  3. Discover your own feedback system that works for you
  4. Restructure the handoff process between preconstruction and field operations

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